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Bahrain Post 1

sunny 103 °F

In this blog I will tell you about Bahrain from my point of view.

Let me start off by saying that it is HOT !!!!!! It gets up to 103 by mid-day. Crazy right? if you think temperatures in Houston or Atlanta are high think again. you may think I am exaggerating. Hate to tell you but I'm not. And even funnier kids at my school are still wearing jackets and sweaters. Glad to tell you I sure am not. I may not be that smart about fashion but at I no what not to wear!!!

Next let me tell you that most kids here ride in the car with no seat belts(again not me). You see them through the window standing up, messing around etc. not the best Idea!!! Right!!!

So here in Bahrain there is this acting plays for kids. I was in the Wizard of Oz( one of their plays). I was an old City Father, a Snowflake, and a Winkie (winkies are the Wicked witch of the West's soldiers). we had four shows that lasted until 10-11 at night!!! 3 nights in a row!!! I have to admit though it was a lot of fun and i made a lot of friends. Even better 2 of my best friends did it with me so cool right!!

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